Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mini lemon cake with butter cream icing

   Okay, this is the absolute BEST lemon cake recipe in the world! I dressed the little lemon cakes like pumpkins just for fun (running around with ideas for fall, except the real pumpkin cakes later will be covered in orange fondant). I found the recipe on, by Ina Garten. However, her recipe called for WAYYY too many lemons, giving the cake a bit of a sour taste, and by a bit, I mean enough to make your lips pucker! So, I doctored the recipe, added a bit of  "me" to it, and I am very pleased with the results! This is what I am going to call the "Perfect Lemon Cake"! The butter cream I made was also a new recipe and will now be MY butter cream that I will use regularly! It has a nice texture; sweet, but not so sweet you can only have one bite! (actually, I had lots of left over icing from this cake that I couldn't stop eating alone!) If you love lemon cake, this is the cake for you! Sorry about the very blurry picture...Its mainly just for fun!

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