Sunday, March 13, 2011

Contemporary Bridal Cake

5 tiers of "White Wedding" cake, with a Vanilla Buttercream finish. The middle tier has a strawberry filling. I took on a huge challenge this weekend with this gigantic wedding cake, the grooms cake, and a baby shower cake! I decided since I want my cakes to be as fresh as possible for EVERY CAKE I do, I waited as long as I could to bake them to avoid freezing them. SO as usual, Thursday morning rolled around, and at 8am, the baking marathon began. I baked from 8am to 1am. Yes, thats 17 hours of straight baking, then I woke the next morning same time, and decorated until 1am. THEN woke up 7 am Saturday morning to do the scariest part of the entire cake, STACKING IT. I used a center support system so that I could deliver already stacked. I may not do that again LOL!! Although the cake made it fine and not a smudge or (gulp) any toppling over, it jiggled the whole way there and I wanted to pass out when we finally made it to the venue hahah! After it was all set up, flowers in place, I couldn't believe that I had successfully created, delivered, and set up my first wedding cake!! I must say, it looked beautiful at Scranton's Restaurant amongst all the other flower and decorations that were being set up at the same time. Despite the late nights, and my heart stopping a few times, I loved making this cake! The sheer size of it provides drama, while the simplicity makes it beautiful. Congratulations to the new married couple! Thank ya'll for allowing me to be a part of your very special day :D

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