Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mad Hatters Cake!

Very topsy turvy and whimsical! This would be more of a "Tim Burton" Mad Hatter's cake the darker colors. I actually took inspiration not from the movies, but a anime picture that was inspired by the movie. It was really cool to see that picture turn into a cake! The bottom tier is a rich chocolate cake, with nutella fudge filling. The middle and top tiers were both vanilla, but the middle tier had cookies and cream buttercream, and the top had vanilla buttercream. The cupcakes: 40 of them, 20 were Mint chocolate chip with a mint buttercream, and the other 20 were red velvet with cream cheese buttercream; all of which had either "eat me", "try me", or a little green hat on top! Huge cake and very VERY heavy! I love the way this one turned out and how different it is!

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