Saturday, June 11, 2011


Dino Dinosaur! This adorable cake was made for my little nephew's 2nd birthday! The cake is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. The body of the dinosaur was cake, but I covered it in fondant, and sculpted the rest of his body from fondant! I can not wait to bring this to him in the morning, hope I don't forget the candles LOL!


  1. Oh my - what an absolutely beautiful creation - Not only does it look fantastic - but Dino looks so relaxed lying there - brillante creation.
    Did you remember the candles? -


  2. Thanks! I DID remember the candles!!! I put them on the cake before bringing them to the party just so I wouldn't leave them LOL! As soon as my nephew saw the cake, he literally jumped at it mouth wide open! My sister caught him mid air!!!!