Friday, July 22, 2011

*New Kitchen Update*

That sexy supervisor just standing there watching, pretending to be busy, is my husband ;)
And the one actually working is my father in law! 

The lumber in my driveway...quite annoying lugging heavy groceries across the yard...but its worth it :D

The Future Bakery!
Well, it has been a long, LONG time coming, but we are finally getting started on building my commercial kitchen for my cakes!! We have the car port squeaky clean, and lumber blocking my drive way..all we need now is our contractor!....who was supposed to start Monday, now Friday...and all I have is well...lumber in my driveway, and a door and window sitting under the carport...hmmm....ANYWAYS! No worries (yet!)! I am super excited!! I took a few pictures of the before, I'll keep ya'll updated as changes come :D

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