Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Building A Lightbox, FINALLY!

Okay, so maybe I am doing this a little late, but better late than never right!??!? SO The light box. I couldn't stand to spend $40+ dollars on a light box to photograph my goodies in, and still not have the right size, or a place to store the darn thing! I went online, researched several how to's and finally came up with a design that would work for me! I went to our local box hardware store, bought 15ft of 1/2 PVC pip, 2 elbows, and 6 little three hole one that would give me my 90 degree corners (sorry, I don't know the technical names, I will pictures in my next blog post on how to construct it!) Walmart did not have any fabric when I went, so I decided to use just some fitted sheets I had lying around the house lol! I forgot at the time I had a set of white, so in my pictures you will see beige :P. Anyways...Came out great! Very easy to construct, and fits exactly what I need it for! I made a cube, but left the front two horizontal pieces out, that way when slipping a large cake in or out, I wont have to worry about bumping it on the pipe and ruining a beautiful cake! Here is my first trial run with the new set up. Don't laugh at my "models" they were all I had in the fridge, and weren't meant to be looked at, just eatin by my kids and husband! I think it will make a big difference when photographing my cakes, it even made a simple little cupcake look better under better light!

1 comment:

  1. What a brillante idea - and look at how the light is so bright and white.
    No shadowing (is that a word?) and no dull patches in your photo. Well done indeed Kayla.

    I look forward to seeing your tutorial (pictures) when you blog about the construction.
    Yes, i am totally impressed.... and amazed at how light the picture is.

    Hmmm, i could eat one of those little cup cakes with the coffee i am having :)

    M (Maxine)